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Grabbing drinks on a Friday night with your friends? But tired of dreading the morning afterwards?

We’ve all been there!

That’s exactly why Wendy and her husband  are swooping in to save the day! Wendy and her husband love to venture out of the house and grab a drink or two or sometimes just chill poolside with friends and countless cocktails. And why not when there’s so much in life to celebrate? In fact, this dynamic duo is all about creating wonderful memories and not dreading how you’ll feel when the hangover hits! With their on-the-go lifestyle and desire to live their best lives, they felt they needed an all-natural solution to give them a little reset the morning after. A drinking sidekick with a little extra boost! 


And while they were at it, they figured why not create something that their friends could enjoy too?

And the rest is history!


ViveUp Rx is just that…the “go ahead, I’ve got your back” drinking buddy you’ve always wished you had!

This couple believes in healthy living without the compromise of missing out on some of life’s great events with family and friends. But now, you can have both! Prepared with vibrant ingredients such as Vitamin b12, lotus leaf extract, taurine, prickly pear cactus, and more, they were able to create an “oh-so-satisfying” natural supplement that promotes healthy liver function and helps you stay hydrated, while the wine (or whiskey) continues to flow! Backed by science rather than artificial concoctions and superstition (no black cat magic here), they crafted the real deal! 

With so few alcohol recovery supplements available on the market, Wendy and her husband couldn’t wait to introduce ViveUp Rx as your “one-stop-no-regrets-shop.” After drinking a few glasses of your favorite red wine or enjoying some ice-cold beers on your beach vacation, you can rely on this natural blend to do its magic. Say goodbye to those sluggish, “oh my god, my head” mornings! With no downtime and all the active ingredients packed into one product, you’ll awake feeling refreshed, revived, and rejuvenated.


Now you can finally have your cocktails and drink them too!

And Wendy wouldn’t have it any other way!